July 7, 2024

Gears of War: E-Day | Announcement Trailer

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Gears of War E-day was announced today at the Xbox Games Showcase today (6/9/2024). What can I say other than this is the right move, right now for the franchise.

I expect we will see Gears of War 6 down the road as that series does need closure. Being a fan since the start of Gears of War I always wanted to see and experience E-Day unfold and why Marcus Fenix was court-martialed.

The trailer plays Mad World while Marcus CQCs a Locust Grunt inside a crumbling building taking it’s head off. Emergence holes open up under Marcus who’s helped up by Dom Santiago. They stare at Jannermont’s decimation. This game is probably for fans who loved the first game like myself.

It seems E-Day will have a lot of nostalgia injected into it’s DNA in a good way I hope. The trailer was in-engine and looked very impressive from a visual standpoint. Let’s hope Coalition nails this shit.

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