July 19, 2024

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*Disclaimer* Minimal AI text used in a small percentage of my articles | No AI was used in any of my gameplay videos. Welcome to my website Jason's Video Games Source. In case you don't know this is the best non grifting, click baiting art and entertainment video games website on the internet. You might know my verified decade plus year old youtube channel Jason's Video Games Source which amassed over 70,000+ gameplay videos, 100,000+ subscribers and over 130,000,000+ views. The premise of JVGS is a place for gamers to watch gameplay videos and chat about video games. If I can claim one thing to be an authority on, it would be making video game gameplay videos. I personally amassed over 70,000 gameplay videos in turn giving me valuable knowledge of hundreds of various video games over the past ten years. I've gamed as a child since the Atari, Colleco, Intellivision days at home. The NES and SMS was love at first site. Arcades I started off playing were Galaga, Robotron, Tapper, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Mrs Pac Man etc. Do you remember the Pac-Man Saturday morning cartoon? As for this site, it offers all of my gameplay videos in galleries, playlists as well individually (latter is ongoing). As for creating JVGS it has to do with being financially independent. To make a long story short after nine years Youtube demonitized my largest channel at the time in April of 2022. Keep in mind that this was my full time income. My living at the time. Never again I said! A few months later I was able to get remonetized but the damage was done as far as I was concerned. I will never trust any corporation ever again. My video game reviewing process consists of me buying the game with my money. I usually start playing on release date 99% of the time. I reach the credits most times. I write the review usually the next day. That's it. Oh and I do put spoilers in my reviews. Just sayin. This website is my baby. I created it with no prior wordpress or elementor knowledge. I watched many youtube elementor wordpress tutorial videos. With my own hard work, I berthed this website. Anyways, I integrated all of my youtube channel feeds here in one spot. Everything on the frontend of the website is done by myself save for in-depth game guides which I hire fivrr contractors. One of my main goals with JVGS is to have a gaming-first community. I need your help with the latter. Just so we're all clear my agenda is video games first and foremost on this website. I am not here to play any type of activist role or pander to any human or group of human beings. I was raised by both of my parents (thank God) to have sense and to have an open mind and be respectful until it's time not to be. As for education I attended UWM (University Milwaukee Wisconsin) for three years. I was enrolled into their undergrad pre-medicine program majoring in biology. I worked in a clinic while attending UWM so I "get" protocol and time management. I also worked washing cars and doing random labor temp jobs many moons ago. In other words I been there done that. Lastly, I want to personally thank anyone who makes an account here, comment or just shoot the shit on discord. I appreciate you all, seriously. That's all I got. Welcome to Jason's Video Games Source! Later - Jason