July 11, 2024

The golden era in video games particularly the mid-eighties and early 90’s for me where the most influential and impactful in my life. The sheer joy I experienced while playing Super Mario Bros on my NES in 1986 can never be replicated.

During the mid eighties into early 90’s video games were pure, simple, creative and very fun. No forced politics. No DLC. No bullshit! I played Metroid in 1987. I played as Samus Aran a woman. Diversity has always been in gaming and I loved it when it was real and not forced

Currently, we are seeing younger gamers gravitating towards the retro scene because it’s about what’s most important….fun games. Gaming back in the day (for me) showed real creativity unlike what I see in the AAA space of the 2020’s. Anyways, enjoy the gameplay below. Later – Jason