July 5, 2024

System Shock 2023 | Playlist

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Initial release date: March 3, 2023

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Developer: Nightdive Studios

Mode: Single-player video game

License: proprietary license

Genres: First-person shooterAction-adventure game

Publishers: Prime MatterPlaion

Below you can view all of my System Shock 2023 gameplay videos. Heads up! The footage is via the Playstation 5 version incase you were wondering. Okay. So System Shock 2023 is the remake of the 1994 genre defining sim game that spawned such titles as Deus Ex and Bioshock.

You play as the Hacker trapped on Citadel Station while being hunted down by a determined yet sinister AI named SHODAN. You run around a maze finding keycards to unlock doors while destroying CPUs in hopes of escaping the doomed eerie station.

I barely played the original but from what I can tell of playing much more of the 2023 version of System Shock Nightdive Studios did one hell of a job not only staying true to the original but also making it look current gen colory. The latter isn’t a word. Later – Jason

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