July 16, 2024

Nobody Wants To Die – Gameplay Trailer

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Nobody Wants To Die is a first person noir cyberpunk adventure video game set in New York City in the year 2329. If I have a weakness it’s Blade Runner with it’s dark rainy dystopian setting. In other words I had to put this trailer up on the site ASAP.

Nobody Wants To Die is developed by Critical Hit Games and published by PLAION and is set to release July 17th, 2024 on the PC (Steam), Xbox Series X/S and Playstation 5.

The trailer below shows us playing a private dick named James on the heels of a killer using his wrist gadget to manipulate time and space to gather evidence. I got Bioshock vibes in regards to gameplay.

Being a fan of Altered Carbon has finally paid off as it seems Nobody Wants To Die has a story surrounding science fiction immortality in regards to the wealthy. So yea, I’ll probably buy this day one and make hundred plus gameplay videos for it. That’s it, see ya.

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