July 14, 2024

Gamers, Watch More Gameplay Videos

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Here’s another sad grifting clickbait attempt at a not so subtle satirical yet somewhat serious subliminally-charged mindshare “message” article as to why gamers from all walks of life should watch more of my video game gameplay videos.

As of 4/3/2024 I have created over 82,000 video game gameplay videos across all of my Youtube channels according to socialblade. I have three active Youtube channels. I shut down my old Nintendo and Xbox channels due to Youtube fucking with them too much some years back. Anyways, so why should gamers watch more gameplay videos?

Educational Value

  • Watching gameplay videos can help you strategize and learn gameplay mechanics of various types of games. Souls-Like fans such as myself use wikis and follow youtubers whether it’s to learn the lore of Elden Ring or how to master a specific competitive time trial in Grand Turismo. I recently noticed a huge uptick in my Helldivers 2 gameplay videos’ views that helped show gamers specific in-game tasks.
  • Video game gameplay videos can be educational depending on what your goals are in a video game. Back in the day I personally watched gameplay videos for Achievement/Trophy hunting. Gameplay videos actually helped me Platinum Dead Space on my PS3. The last game I ever platinumed.
  • Watching professional gamers play, say a fighting game. You might suck at fighting games. Watching a pro player show you the inputs and correct button prompts can give you some confidence to go out there and kick some ass in your next fighting game tournament.

Promotional Tools For Games

A month ago as of today 4/4/2024 Stellar Blade wasn’t talked about all that much on the internet. A demo drops a week ago along with a bunch of bullshit I refuse to entertain. Stellar Blade is currently a top pre-ordered video game thanks to what? A great demo and gameplay videos being uploaded to youtube and streamers on Twitch praising it’s gameplay and assets.

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Non-gamers as well your everyday gamers love watching trolling videos, fail videos, tournament trash talking videos, outrageous feats, walkthroughs, tutorial gameplay videos you name it. Watching gameplay videos can be entertaining albeit for the game or the person playing said game. Entertainment is entertainment. That’s about it for now. Thank you for your time – Jason

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