July 10, 2024

Dragon Age: The Veilguard | Official Gameplay Reveal

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Finally, Bioware reveals Dragon Age: The Veilguard’s official gameplay. My initial thoughts are that this game will be a decent Dragon Age video game. As long as player agency is high and the story stays gripping.

The gameplay reveal takes un through a an early main quest titled “The End of The Beginning” where we must find Neve Gallus then stop a ritual performed by a powerful mage named Solas.

The demo shows us a level 1 Rogue class performing quick slash attacks and dodges along with a long range bow. The Rogue’s magic was limited but showed a long range magic attack. The weapon wheel showed how team commands and skills will be issued in-game.

You can see a dialogue wheel with choices was shown a few times while talking to teammates showing various choices the Rogue can answer with. There were various demons and cultists fight sequences culminating in a Pride Demon fight.

There are things I disliked about the gameplay reveal most notably some color choices for layouts and green pots to hit for herbs. Even with the negatives I still believe the game will be decent but great? I’m not sure. It all boils down to player agency in Dragon Age: The Veilguard. Later

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